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"Resurrect   your                  TONE"

Welcome to Vineham Pickups’ Website

If you’ve come looking for the finest in custom pickups, you’re in the right place.  All my pickups are hand-wound to YOUR specifications.  I use the highest quality vintage materials available.  I can wind you just about any style pickup, from TEXAS BLUES-SPECIALS for that SRV sound, to a scooped-mids Strat "DIPPERS" sound, to VINTAGE 50'S or 60'S spec's or anything you would like!

I use all vintage correct materials like fiber bobbins, alnico 5 magnets, pushback cloth wire,  poly and vintage, heavy Formvar magnet wire.

As well, all my pickups are wax potted by hand to avoid microphonics.

If you're looking for that FAT sound only found in boutique pickups these are for you.

I also repair and rewind broken pickups for most styles.

Contact me by phone 709-257-2461 or email me at:  craig@vineham.com

For website issues contact webmaster@vineham.com

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