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"Resurrect   your                  TONE"

P-90 pickups

The P-90 is very versatile and one of our favourites pickups, great for blues, rock, country or jazz.  We've had the opportunity to dissect, repair & reverse engineer a few vintage P-90's from the early to late 50's to the 60's to obtain that classic tone. We wind both Soapbar or Dogear P-90's so let us know what you need.


$150.00 CDN per set    Singles: $75.00 CDN ea

* Custom winds may be subject to additional charges


"Old Dog"

This great pickup follows the vibe of the early 50's P-90 tone.  "Old Dogs" give you jangle with very good dynamics when picked lightly and have a very fat, single-coil tone.  With some dirt added , the bottom end is focused without losing the sweet creamy top end treble.

These are wound with 42 gauge wire & roughcast A2 magnets.



These were created as the result of customer requests wanting P-90's of these spec's. Sitting in between my Old Dog and "Rabid Dog" set, they are a little more aggressive than the lower wind p-90's but still have clarity and sweet upper mids. Using Alnico 4 magnets and a little more output creates a punchier, hotter vintage tone.   


"Rabid Dog"

Follows the vibe of the 60's P-90 tone and possesses that more powerful tone that screams classic rock.  The neck is the warm, fat and  punchy while the bridge pour out plenty of midrange growl for that raw P-90 tone.

These use two specially-gaussed rough-cast short Alnico 5 magnets for a smoother treble response and are wound with 42 gauge wire.

7.8K Neck  ,8.7k bridge




ONLY AVAILABLE IN Nickel cover or OPEN Nickel

Version  $95 per pickup

This is our humbucker sized P-90 and is a must if you're looking for a true single-coil P-90 tone in the a humbucker size platform. Perfect for bringing out the jangle in your axe, these use real P-90 bobbins, trimmed to fit under a humbucker cover.   Just the ticket for someone looking for that P-90 tone with a clear, airy treble, focused mids and tight bass. A stand-out favourite for Gretsch players looking to replace those horrible Gretsch-bucker pickups.

Alnico 2 magnets are used in the bridge pickup to keep the treble bright, but warm, like the classic 1950's P-90's.

Open Nickel covers or Closed nickel are an option for a upcharge of $15 per pickup   

Neck 7.6k ,Bridge 10.7k