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Bass Pickups


60’s Jazz bass pickups are scatterwound to replicate the first of the Jazz bass days of the early 60's .

They have a warm,smooth tone with a punchy lower mids .

Calibrated set  Bridge 8.5k , Neck 7.9k

Alnico 5 magnets,RW/RP for humcanceling in 2 pickup position

,Vintage pushback Lead wire ,Wax potted .

Includes Black covers & hardware .    

Singles $75 ,Sets $140


72's Jazz bass pickups are uniform wound,based on 70's Jazz Bass pickups that I've repaired.

They have a tight bottom end with a more focused midrange punch,more balanced .

Calibrated set  Bridge 7.9k , Neck 7.5k

Alnico 5 magnets,RW/RP for humcanceling in 2 pickup position

,Vintage pushback Lead wire ,Wax potted .

Includes Black covers & hardware .  

Singles $75 ,Sets $140

5 string Jazzbass available $10 upcharge per pickup

P Bass

Wound for a Full bodied tone ,Tight lows balanced mids & treble response you get focused distinctive Grow as only the P Bass offers

Wound similar to the originals with Split Humcanceling operation .

Alnico 5 magnets,Vintage pushback Lead wire ,Wax potted.

Includes Black covers & hardware .  11k

Singles $80

PJ set

Here's a PJ Bass set that I have been doing , which is calibrated so the P-bass pickup don't overpower the Jazz pickup .The P is wound around 10k & the the Jazz around 12k the Jazz uses 2 different wire gauges on the coil to keep much of it's Vibe but give it more output to keep up with the powerful P-bass Pickup  


Tele bass

Known as the Tele bass or the ‘51 P bass

The original bass from that era hand wound for the woody low end & very articulate midrange .

Flat pole Alnico 5 magnets

Wax potted ,wrapped with twine



Zero-sixty Noiseless  Jazz bass  sets available

Singles $85 ,Sets $170

Our new sets are Split design for that classic spanky jazz bass tone without the hum

Zero-Sixty Noiseless Jazz bass Pickups now available in a few different of our jazz bass tones ,60's,70's & PJ .These are the split design .  

Bronco /Musicmaster  Bass


This is a great drop in replacement pickup for that Squire Bronco that actually comes with a strat pickup . It fits in the Musicmaster as well  .comes with cover as shown   7K  $60


Our Jazzmaster pickups are based on one magical Jazzmaster that we have found .

Even though we have had a few vintage samples from  This Golden era in our shop ,this set has something special about it .

This was a 1960' Jazzmaster that had the Mojo .which I've learned that there have been major inconsistencies with the vintage pickups .

These took a long time to replicate .The Right formula took many prototypes & did not sound nothing like the originals .

We have finally replicated the Magic formula to give us the vintage tone .

Our Jazzmaster have a very warm mellow but powerful tone with good clarity with that loose Bounce as all Vintage Jazzmasters should have.

Alnico 5 magnets ,RW/RP for humcanceling combination ,Vintage pushback wire ,Waxed potted Comes with all hardware needed & choice of White or cream covers .

Bridge 8.5k ,Neck 7.8k     

Singles $70  ,Sets $140



The Rockabilly is our take on a split humbucker which we have been working on for several years now as a alternative to to the traditional PAF style humbucker .It essentially combines the tone & design from several pickups, Gretsch & Wide Range pickups .it has the attack of a single coil & added treble in a a Humbucker             


These recreate the Late 50's early 60's era Gretsch Filtertron pickups with that classic twangy rockabilly tone ,kind of in between a Twangy single coil & vintage humbucker .

Neck 4.5k/4.9k Bridge

For an hotter bridge tone we can use a smaller wire to acheive 7.7k

We offer a kit with Inhouse made mounting rings & risers & all hardware to mount these if you want to replace the Gretschbuckers or what ever you want to replace .


Singles $100 ,Sets $200      


Please inquire about our Humbuckers to fit in a Jazzmaster  ,Most of our models of humbuckers can be made to fit in a Jazzmaster including the Rockabilly.without any deepening of the pickup cavity .

JM90  is our P-90 in the JM footprint .

All our P-90 models are available in this pickup